Plethora: The Never-Ending Beginning


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This book is a deep dive into my life story and the changes I’ve made along the way. Decisions good and bad and the effect of life in all of them so far.

Oscar “Ofoesho” Roberts was born in Richmond, Virginia, and Raised in a religious and musically driven family. At the age of 4, his father decided to move the entire family from VA to LA to pursue his music and acting career. His father is also the nephew of the late great Ella Fitzgerald, which would make Oscar the great-nephew. With that Move, Oscar’s interest grew rapidly. At an early age, he was writing poetry and rap songs till one day, he decided to take music and acting to the next level. Throughout his career as an artist, he has worked with high-profile/top artists and talent. Through much adversity and failures, Oscar decided to take his talents to a professional level to represent talent and protect them from all the madness in this business. So, he became a master facilitator/manager, A&R executive and never looked back. Now Oscar is running Ozone World with his Artist Zavi, who is also the CEO of Ozone World and Oscar is currently The President of Xstream Global Solutions & The Made Network and he is bridging many positions worldwide due to another side of his family legacy being the great-great-great grandson of Liberia’s 1st President Joseph Jenkins Roberts, Oscar has leveraged his family history and legacy to bring a “ Smart Africa/World Initiative Project” to your smart phone tv, etc. Through his family’s revolutionary application called The XStream App revolutionary technology that will change the world. Oscar is a master facilitator who is finally getting his just due. Ready for the world and all it has to offer.


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