I’ll Beat You to the Corner


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Now is the time to reflect and remember a different time and place. We are taken back to a time of black and white television. It was a time of The Adventures of Superman and Howdy Doody. It was a time of cartoons and science fiction moving from the silver screen to a small screen. This story delves into the reality of life after a disease. Two neighbor boys are living a wonderful life growing up in a very different era. Everything thing they did, they did together, except one thing. The book reflects a tragedy and the lives that were forever changed forever as a result of that fateful day.

Chuck Hubbell lives with his wife of more than 30 years in a small town in Southwest Pennsylvania. Much of his time is spent working as a part-time Lay Minister. He volunteers in many community activities and events. He is also a member of several professional and international civic organizations, including Rotary and Toastmasters. The holiday season finds Chuck in a bright red and white suit creating magic with children of all ages.



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