The Promised Child: David Is The Name


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From the time he was a little boy, born the second of six siblings, D. L. Israel found his place as a leader. He was raised by a single mother on welfare and worked throughout high school to help his family. By the time he was in his mid-twenties, he had saved $10,000, purchased a home, and established a retirement fund. But he found that God had bigger plans for his life. The life lessons shared in D. L. Israel’s book deal with learning to listen to what God has planned, rather than following one’s earthly desires. A natural storyteller, D. L. shares what he has learned having humility rather than pride, needing love and hope and shunning hate and envy, putting forth goodness and wisdom rather than evil and discouragement. He has learned to accept life for what it is worth and seeks to inspire his readers to follow a similar path.



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