I Married an Ex-Wise Guy: Our Life, Love and his death together


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The book is written in a series of memory lane vignettes depicting memories of Selia’s life with an ex-wise guy. The book starts at the end of the story and through the vignettes of the ups and downs of living with him and how a person’s past can follow them wherever they go. The story ends where it started. The love story between the couple who met late in life is dramatic and quite heated. The depiction of how hospice helped Selia through her husband’s dying process was a dramatic life-learning situation.

The author is a former consultant to residential subdivision developers in Northern California, taking projects from conception through the entitlement process to the building stage. She was also a former active member of the chase team for off-road races. Her favorite races were the Vegas to Reno runs and the Baja 500. She is now enjoying life through writing about her life experiences. Her next book will be about Selia growing up in a small town in Northern California and how living with an abusive mother made her the strong woman of today.


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