Call Me Sergeant Rock: How A Boy Becomes A Man In Vietnam


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SERGEANT ROCK evolved from a naïve, morally good, Christian, church-going, baseball-playing, skinny little college kid to a hardcore well-trained killing machine in Vietnam. From California to the Tet Offensive of 1968, the cultural shock is overwhelming! He is thrust into war and killing. He finds that his approach to life and death has to be changed quickly and is pressured to change his values, but he holds fast to his beliefs.

Sergeant Rock’s company loses all but thirteen men in just two hours in a single Tet Offensive battle. His faith increases when he actually meets his guardian angel amidst a desperate battle. He knows he needs help, for he cannot save everyone by himself, and staying alive comes at a premium price. It takes a quantum amount of deaths to save a few. Sergeant Rock knows whom he can depend on to save lives. He knows which men to watch because if they don’t adhere to his directions, they, or someone else, will die.

How much can our minds take before they crack? Sergeant Rock believes that it is only through divine intervention that he is alive to tell his story.

Dan Rodgers was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam for the Vietnam War. He was a squad leader and sergeant and was involved in the Tet Offensive. He was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts. He wrote his book “Call Me Sergeant Rock” as an exercise to relieve stress. He lives near Houston and is a writer and race car and jet boat driver.


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