The Cop and the Spirit


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An officer with the Long Beach, California, Police Force, author

Harry Kartinen loved being out on the streets. His forte was interacting with the public in situations that could be classified as uncomfortable to dangerous. Seven years into his career, Kartinen was filled with the Holy Spirit.

In The Cop and the Spirit, Kartinen shares how that divine intervention transformed both his personal life and his work with the police force. From the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, this young policeman had what most people would call extremely unusual experiences as a street cop as he received precise directions to solve police activities on the street. A collection of true stories about his miraculous experiences, he tells how the divine support aided in his work to help the people of his community.

From locating a lost boy, to tracking down an armed robber, to saving a woman from a suicide attempt, The Cop and the Spirit narrates the many stories of how the spirit intervened and helped one policeman uphold his oath.


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