Starting to Write Short Stories

Starting to Write Short Stories

Are you eager to express your creativity, explore different worlds, and captivate readers with your words? If so, writing short stories can be a fantastic medium to channel your imagination. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer looking to venture into new territories, this article will guide you through the process of starting to … Read more

Struggles of Writing Science Fiction

Writing science fiction can be challenging as it involves creating a fictional world that is believable and consistent with scientific principles. Some common struggles include developing a unique and compelling plot, creating believable and relatable characters, and ensuring that the science and technology in the story is accurate and consistent.  Additionally, science fiction often explores … Read more

Skills Every Aspiring Screenwriter Needs

Get all the necessary information on the essential skills required for aspiring screenwriters! Check out this comprehensive checklist and make sure you’ve got everything covered before embarking on your journey. Writing a screenplay is no small feat: it requires creativity, stamina, and, most of all, specific skills. If you’re considering dedicating your time to writing … Read more

Influence of Technology on Writing

Writing has seen numerous changes and improvements as new technologies have been introduced.  Digital reproduction and printing technologies, such as print and smartphones, have allowed for the mass creation and circulation of texts, providing authors with new avenues for expressing themselves through writing. Research While the development of technology has affected the creative process, some … Read more