The Perfectionist


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THE PERFECTIONIST is an ex-CIA operative who isn’t ready for retirement yet. His lifelong dream is to seek out and find the lost Nazi gold smuggled during World War II. To do so, he needs a large amount of capital. He piggybacks off the skills of a Mexican who holds a device that the Perfectionist realizes is unique. In order to gain the Mexican’s assistance, the Perfectionist must learn to trust a perfect stranger. As the Mexican’s skills become more apparent, the Perfectionist is shocked to find he truly does trust the man; together, they will undertake a mission that could be deadly.

As they near their goal, things turn personal, threatening to harm them and their families. Together, they must use every trick in the book to pull off their lucrative mission while protecting the people they love. No training prepared them for this, but they won’t go down without a fight.

RAFE OROPELA began his professional career in business administration. He has a strong interest in electronic technology and hand tools, and he portrays his own do-it-yourself mentality through his characters. He currently lives in Michigan.


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