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A young physician who doesn’t desire motherhood lives alone; until one night, when she finds a naked little boy in her bathroom.

The boy doesn’t remember anything. The woman calls the police. The police can not take him to the station because he is just a little boy, and they cannot find his parents because he does not remember anything. Due to the holiday, the police can not take him to the nursery or anything similar. So the young physician has to care for him till after the holiday. In the few days ahead, she cares for the boy but the questions are: who is this boy? Where has he come from? Why he is in her bathroom? Is he real or just a sparkle of her passion she has tried to ignore for a long time? And, finally, can this incident wake motherhood up deep inside her?

In Motherhood, by Siamak Vakili, we experience the universe playing a trick to wake the nature that lies deepest inside, and shows that it’s very hard to escape from who we really are.

From ages 24-25, Siamak Vakili worked as a journalist in Iran. He wrote literary critiques and articles about stories. He relocated to Norway and lived there for almost 20 years. There, he worked on short stories and novels and earned his Norwegian citizenship. Then, he moved to the United States for almost five years. His novel, Motherhood, was translated from Persian to English and is his latest work.


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