The Marriage of Figgalo


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Mick wakes up in the opulent house of Lawrence Figgalo, a New York City Union boss. Mick’s been drugged, and he’s with Lawrence. But Lawrence has been murdered! Mick tries to extricate himself from the situation, but each move he makes puts him in even deeper.

Mick learns that Lawrence has an identical twin brother who has come up North to visit. And he learns that a certain mob boss has a hit-man that looks just like Mick. And Mick’s client has identical twin daughters who’ve gone missing. In addition to wanting his daughters found, his client wants to know who murdered Figgalo.

We then learn that the victim was, in fact, one of triplets, and his third brother has come to town too! The man who placed Mick at the murder scene is the Maitre d’ at a fancy French restaurant. He, too, has an identical twin brother who works for the mob boss whose hit-man looks just like Mick. And the twin daughters of Mick’s wealthy client are dating – twins!

It’s a comedy of mistaken identities and a gigantic puzzle of who’s who. It’s the ultimate game of “Who’s on first?”


The dialogue is strong and clever, and Emma keeps the voices believable… Overall, this is a light-hearted black comedy with a cast of peculiar characters and a bizarre plotline full of mistaken identity and hilarious wrong turns. Fans of whodunnits and unconventional murder mysteries will be very entertained.

– The US Review of Books


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