The Mosquito Bites


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When Alex Gregory takes his first job for Sterling Chemicals, a company poised to make millions from their newest pesticide, he has no idea he’s stepping into the shoes of a murdered man.

Alex soon discovers the pesticide is not only dangerous to the environment but could also lead to the demise of humanity. Alex investigates the untimely deaths of those that learned the truth before him and must expose the company before the new product threatens the lives of future generations. But he must tread carefully, or he, Cindy, and Leslie will meet their own untimely deaths.

James Frazee is an avid cook and bridge player. Raised in the Midwest, he received his Doctorate from Purdue University and currently lives in New York City. The Mosquito Bites is his first mystery novel. Like his protagonist, Alex, Dr. Frazee spent his early career working for a chemical company. His own experiences and education form the expertise and story for this book.

Beginning Bride by the Numbers is a ‘how to’ book on the basics of bridge for beginners. His cookbook, Quick and Healthy Recipes from the Store, provides healthy meals using what you already have in your kitchen. Searching for Sara is the sequel to The Mosquito Bites.


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