The Bonds of Sisterhood


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Tammy, Cashmere, and Stephanie set sail on the trip of their dreams. No work, no drama, no nothing, but fun in the sun. They have been planning this trip for two years, and now, it’s finally here. The perfect vacation for these three ladies, or is it? Before they actually set sail, there are some things that they will go through that will make you wonder if they will even make it to see the ship set sail.

The struggles that one has in their life may alter their perfect intentions slightly. We may be driven by living life on the better side. We may not want to take the journey to achieve our goals the right way.

The quest for love may have been given up far too soon. After having one torrid relationship after another, some would turn their attention elsewhere. Set their goals in another direction. Concentrate on refining other points of their life, all along realizing that the one important thing to them is missing.

Turmoil may step in the way for some, but determination can lead to success. When life throws its many curveballs at you. You can either lie down and take it or you can recover and persevere over that hurdle.

Come on in and explore the journeys that these ladies will take you on. Come one come all … see what The Bonds of Sisterhood is all about!



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