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A brother and sister, separated during their childhood, are reunited as adults when they discover they are the only inheritance to the Brunswick estate. They discover quickly that they’ve inherited more than just a house. They’ve inherited an echo haunting of the original owners of the home and the poltergeist of their killer trapped on the estate grounds, with rage and the sense of revenge being the only motivation. Can these siblings end this couple’s seemingly endless horror, or will their killer finally make his way inside to finally exact his revenge?

Kurt Dyer, Jr. lives in Maine. He works as a Probation and Parole Officer for the Department of Corrections and writes in his free time. His other published works include The Time Keeper; A Deadman’s Hand; Guardian; The Sommer Potts series: Sommer: Masterpiece and Vigilante (Books 1 & 2); Special Agent Potts: Chameleon and Good Sam (Books 3 & 4), Judged (Book 5); The Chosen One series: The Resurrection Sword (Book 1), The Crown of Redemption (Book 2), The Spear of Fate (Book 3); The Wanderer Series: The First Murder (Book 1), The Second Bride (Book 2), and The Third Mark (Book 3).



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