Behind the Eyes of a Shadow Girl


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This book was written to capture the readers’ attention, bringing them into the author’s world, opening them up to the same feelings, thoughts, and desires, making them laugh, cry, and scream as they read each page, wanting to jump into the story and ride the emotional roller coaster with the author screaming at every dangerous corner. Giving them a page-turning real-life experience, feeling everything she felt through her life journey from the darkness into the light. BEHIND THE EYES OF A SHADOW GIRL is about a girl’s dark path that weaves through the lives of others on a one-way road trip to self-destruction living on the dark night streets trying to raise her children through love, compassion, strength, heartbreak, good and hard times, overcoming struggles depression and oppression in what it took her to find faith and God in the dark world that consumed her.

Cheryl Dibello came from a broken home in the suburbs of Pasadena, Texas. Cheryl underwent an extremely dark traumatizing childhood, which caused her to rebel and drop out of school by 9th grade. Cheryl worked for her father’s family businesses throughout her life, the entertainment industry in management while attending San Jacinto College. Cheryl was married and divorced by 23, with two daughters. Later, after having her son, she started working in the petrochemical plants and went back to school pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix, but yet again stumbled upon one heartbreaking, hard time after another putting her life on hold. During this time, she became a Christian dedicated her life to Jesus and her church. As she found her path with God, she became certified as a construction site Safety Technician and supervisor and wrote her book to help others in their life trials.


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