A Motherless Child


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This book tells the unforgettable story of a young girl who was left motherless at a young age and was subjected to three years of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her grandmother as she struggled with her spirituality and reality.

Katrina Wade is a mighty woman of God who abides by the golden rule. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, but has lived in Tampa, Florida, since 2010.

Katrina takes part actively in her church. She is a grandmother to three adorable grandkids and a mother to four children. She just recently got married. She has spent the last six years working in the public education system, which she enjoys.

She had always been very interested in writing ever since she was a child since it enabled her to express herself. She has a lot to be thankful for, thanks to her writing. She found that writing helped her immensely in getting over her struggles and also led to self-discovery. She writes fiction based on her own experiences. Currently, Katrina is finishing her second book, which will be published shortly.


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