Space Frontiers


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Will Saris and Shanna, his love, become the king and queen of the planet Yord, ruling over a hodge-podge of races, including their own. They use their royalty for diplomatic protection while taking on the enemies of their new alliance. The war with the alien alliance escalates with advanced weaponry and the loss of several close friends, leading Will to develop a mean streak while maturing with age. The list of enemies seeking to kill the royal couple continues to grow as Will must adapt his strategies to handle the cabal of tyrants seeking to control the galaxy.

Michael is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area and can be found at conventions around the country. Dangerous Liaisons is the second of four novels in the Space Frontiers. Michael’s goal is to see one of his stories as a motion picture project. Information on Michael’s latest projects and appearances can be found on his website at


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