The D’arc Gate


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Accidentally drawn through an ancient artifact unburied after millennia in Egypt; Nathan, a New York IT worker, and former scientist, is transported to another world. A world almost completely ruled by ‘the Triumvirate’ – a group of “the Dark Lords” and members of an Elder Race who have been corrupted by the very force that powers the Gates themselves.

Chased by countless ‘Dark Men’ in this other world, who are clearly not human, Nathan seeks to find the one person, or being, that might be able to help him get home. A woman rumored long dead, who was sister to the Dark Lords herself, and had been fighting a losing war against them for hundreds of years before disappearing.

Not even knowing if she still exists, Nathan embarks on a quest to find her, hoping she might be able to help him escape. Along the way, he meets many endearing and captivating people, acquires a curious companion, wrestles with his own personal issues, finds himself in dire straits in multiple adventures, and ultimately realizes he may not be entirely human himself.

This is the first book in a series that will surely have you hooked, and counting the days until the next book is available! We all love books that you don’t want to put down, the books that make you want to stay up too late to see what happens next…this series is comprised of those books.


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