Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus


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Will Saris, a recent graduate of the Space Fleet Academy, teams up with the owner of a supply depot and a princess to get revenge on a barbaric alien king and recover the mythical Eye of Icarus, which foretells future events through five Seers. Will’s nack for tactical strategies leads his crew on the Luna C and his new friends to a double life as space raiders and Fleet personnel.

Will’s life becomes more complicated when he falls in love with Shanna, whom he rescues from the alien king’s prison. He learns that they have both descended from royal bloodlines and bestows additional responsibilities that they aren’t prepared for. Their romance becomes an inspiration for others in their quest for peace.

Michael is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area and can be found at conventions around the country. The Eye of Icarus is the first of four novels in the Space Frontiers. Michael also writes screenplays, some adapted from his novels, and his goal is to see one of his projects on the big screen. Information on Michael’s latest projects and appearances can be found on his website at


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