Enoch’s Children


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Thomas and Cory were best friends. Their lives in southern Utah were quiet and predictable until they met Tobias. Tobias wasn’t quite from Earth. And he wasn’t alone.

Remmick was tracking Tobias. He wanted what Tobias had; secrets to traveling through space. He intended to make the boys’ lives miserable until he got it. That included prison in a clandestine location in Nevada. With Tobias, his sister, Thomas, Cory, and Lori, Cory’s girlfriend, in custody, he expected to realize his goal.

With their lives at stake, the boys had to find a way to escape and find their families. In the process, they would discover who Tobias really was and what his father could do to aid them.

Jack Lauber was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been writing his whole life. With the love of his life, he has fathered eight children and is a grandfather to 30 grandchildren. He now lives in Provo, Utah, and continues to work with children and adults in the nearby school systems.


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