Search of the Perfect Code Discovered


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Most astronomers agree that the observable universe began with a Big Bang singularity, initiating the mechanical process described as entropy. Entropy is defined by the three laws of thermodynamic reaction: Loss of energy through consumption, Loss of energy through transference, and Loss of energy through depletion. In other words, the eventuality of the physical universe is absolute zero. Or, put another way, it is the death of everything. Of course, this will take somewhere between 20 to 30 billion years, relative to time constants. Which also raises another questionable dilemma: What is Time?

Elaborate mathematical models designed to ascribe functional meaning to this grand engine of design. Theories of acceptance are laboriously tested and constantly revised, yet the more layers peeled away, the more profound the mystery of origin and meaning. Many corrective values are invented along the way to fill in the voids and to make the ledgers add up. Sometimes this is achieved through practical formulation, by model manipulation to make the theory fit the observation; sometimes by revising the theory, with the application of another set of theories, to make the conclusions fit the model.

Through many lenses of molecular structural observation, matter and energy take on a different meaning thought not possible through traditional concepts of organization. As the science of humankind peers ever deeper into the fabric of perceived reality with the aid of improved optics, astounding possibilities emerge that defy logical understanding. Instead of a static cosmos of predictability, a digital micro-universe emerges with Quarks and Flavors emanating from another space through tentacles of string association that defy even modern conclusions of quantum mechanics. Always the elephant in the room remains; what is the source and nature of the First Cause?

This book carefully references the existential components described through secular hypothesis, daring to make an intellectual argument of evaluation between these and the true spiritual meaning of a transcendent text known as the Holy Bible. It further examines the dimensional layers of a condition described as subspace, comparing it to non-quantum positions of angelic principalities. It intelligently demands answers to basic contradictions ignored through collective absurdity and sequestered by institutional acceptance. This book also attempts to analyze the foundation principles of every discipline by challenging the myopia of base assumptions.

In light of infinite velocity, what is the true age of the universe, and why does it appear the same in every direction? Is old-world history, as explained by jigsaw pieces laid out on The Periodic Table, the only narrative possible? What does the term Trans-humanism mean? Is it a cure to mortality or a future taskmaster in the image of artificial intelligence? And are flying saucers real, and if so, from where do they originate? These interrogations are not meant to challenge intellectual positions but to challenge the deterministic conclusions of consensus. It is an open discussion to the open-minded: it is Search of the Perfect Code Discovered. Please visit the author’s page at


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