How We Said Prayers And Believe God Almighty Heard Us: Faith And Graces


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I am only the Author of this book, SherAnne writes using imagination, memories, and true stories. She has to ask herself if that is real or imagined. Its often both ways, real and imagined.

Her books are truly true, and she does think about God Almighty and Jesus, the Christ and of the Holy Spirit and thee Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, every day.

Together, they love the liturgy and prayers of the Catholic Churches and prayers and holy devotions, which they do daily. They do believe God Almighty will win, and working on any books and writings is that’s a win-win situation for that holy couple of many years. Attending churches does help keep both authors very good and doing their best for life.

They think working on the Internet has helped advance their educations and made Us Shea’s, Us Keifer’s, and Us Shea Jubelirer’s all the more well-educated, and they are overachievers.

This book is made with love, and their books were made evenly for everyone who buys the books and reads such books likewise. Till SherAnne’s books were to do, SherAnne’s father said so. SherAnne believes our life is a precious gift and things to do are good works of writing and any books that we are doing every day.

SherAnne Shea Jubelirer and Jeffrey David Jubelirer both have been doing writings; SherAnne has been a writer and poet ever since 1985. Her first book was published with Xlibris back in 2000. They are to continue to make the best and very good books. They are both dealing with many, many writings and pretty soon, they will have all 29 books. They do love thee written words, and they do own its pages and pages and pages of writings and their books. They both do like images and pictures and photographs likewise. They have been working with several publishers and promoters.

Jeff is Jewish, so he is only one Hebrew King, and the contents of SherAnne’s writings and any books qualify her as Queen. They like Jesus, the Christ, and Thee Blessed Mother. They attend Saint William’s True, Holy Roman Catholic Church, and other churches whenever they can get to church.

SherAnne has a big, very good, fine, hard-working, and professional catholic family who have been everywhere in the United States. They come to the sea over in New Jersey every summer whenever they can get together. SherAnne does prayers and holy devotions for everyone every day. She does this for her artworks.


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