Empty Souls Living Beyond Your Grave


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RIP. Rest in peace. Why is it that when a loved one passes away, the family and friends say, “Rest in peace?” Are the dead really in peace? The dead know nothing, so how could that person be in peace? So, what is the truth behind this saying? God makes it clear in His word where people go after they die. Is there such a thing as life after death, or is death the end of life? People have different opinions about this. People need to know the truth about where they will spend eternity when they die, and not just someone’s opinion except the fact that no one wants to know the truth, and if they did know the truth, they would not tell the deceased person’s family that their deceased loved one is spending eternity in hell and being tormented daily. Imagine this: You are at your loved one’s funeral, and you say, “Rest in peace,” and then someone says to you, “Why are you saying that? This person lived a life of wickedness, cheating, hurting people, lying to people, and stealing from people, and you say, ‘Rest in peace.’ Why should that person be in peace? What did they do to deserve peace? That person is going to hell, and in hell, there is no peace.” Is this something you want to hear at a funeral? Too many people are being deceived by this saying only because it helps those who are hurting to clear their minds. Yes, granted, that person’s body is dead, but are they dead? Or are they living beyond their grave? The spirit is very much alive. So once again, is that person resting in peace, or how would a person even know? What about you? Where would you spend eternity if you were to die right now? Read this book and find out. All knowledge of this book has been inspired by God and is backed up by the word of God in it.


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