Power To Pray: God’s Immense Purposes for Our Simple Prayers


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There is – or at least ought to be – power in prayer. The Bible, after all, is filled with stories of people who prayed and saw amazing results. Jesus, our Discipler, besides praying often and with the clear expectation of results, taught us “to always pray and to never give up.” Yet, too many of us lack the power to pray consistently and effectively. Prayer is often a duty seldom performed instead of a living experience of connecting with heaven’s power. The Bible’s true statement “Faith without works is dead” is also true when turned backward: an absence of prayer in our life demonstrates the absence of faith in our heart…faith in the actual effectiveness of prayer as the Bible describes it: if we pray, God will act; if we don’t pray, he won’t.

The sole aim of Power to Pray is to increase this faith in all of us so that our Father who eagerly waits for us to pray can act on earth as in heaven. The rest is up to you . . . and the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that the immense purposes of God will be accomplished through your simple prayers.


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