God is Speaking, are you listening?: Encouraging Words for Us


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It all began when I finally desired quiet time in God’s presence. He, being my Lord and Savior, gave me a need to hear encouragement and guidance from Him. Knowing I belong to my God, Jesus died for my sins, and I am filled with His Spirit, which gave me peace and confidence, but I felt there was more I needed. I longed to hear from Him. Was this really possible? How would I know it was Him? I would enter my prayer time as usual, with quiet meditation, praise, and worship from my heart and lips. I’d then pick up my prayer journal for personal prayers, petitions, and intercession for others. In my spirit, I would, at times, receive words of affirmation during my prayer time, then, when finished, be guided to pick up my pen and begin to write. I not only realized that God was giving me these words to write and encourage me with, but each one was always one page long. After almost a year, I began to transfer them to my computer. As I did, I was also given a title and a Scripture to go with each one. All I knew was this ability was definitely God-given to me for His purpose. Soon I realized it wasn’t all for me; I was prompted to share them on occasion with others. This began a list of folks who wanted to receive them on a regular basis. The list continued to grow, and God continued to encourage me through others to write more as He led me. What I thought was God speaking to me only; in reality, He is able to speak to others through a simple devotional folk like me put down on paper. I pray they will bless and encourage all who read them, as they have been for me. May this book always be a reminder to us that God is speaking. Are you listening? 



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