Broken Bloody Cross


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A wave of terror sweeps through a New England city like a tsunami. Policemen are being killed at a frightening pace. Undaunted, the grim hunter continues to stalk the men in blue. Captain Mackelroy of homicide along with Lieutenant Frank Tanner, doggedly follow lead after worthless lead, only to run up against one dead end after another. EventheF.B.I.isoflittlehelp.Yet, even amid frightening carnage, Mac discovers the exquisite glory of passion and love with the recently widowed Anne Tindale.

From the headquarters of the local Mafia boss to a strip club in Boston to long deserted warehouses in the normally quiet city of Worcester, the stage is set for a classic showdown between the power of law and the insidious, destructive force of ultimate evil. Will the city be ruled by law or insanity? That is the chilling question that only Mac and Frank can answer at great risk to their very existence. You will be spell-bound as each small clue relentlessly moves toward the final solution. Will the slaughter end? Will the murderer be apprehended? Will peace return to the city?

Enjoy this action-packed mystery.


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