Everyday Pocket Poetry


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Everyday Pocket Poetry is made up of the everyday experiences of the author. Life is full of happenstance, and as hard as we try, we cannot organize our life completely. As a result, the unusual, the unintended, the surprises come into play each day for us. We can either get worried and anxious about what happens or we can look at the unexpected as an opportunity to find fun or, more seriously, find a place to find insight and adventure. The poems in the book are some of the opportunities I had to laugh, cry, think, enjoy, and love. I hope you can find these things in the book and in your own life.

LoAnn Twedt is now a 75-year-old woman who places family at the forefront of her life. Children, grandchildren, great grandbabies are more important than almost anything else. In writing and collecting the poems, my intention was to have a book that could be slipped into a pocket or purse so the reader could pull it out for a short daily break just for a breath of fresh air.

I have used this book to read to the elderly and those who cannot read for themselves but can enjoy someone reading to them. In volunteering for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior dining, I have passed on these experiences to others who found enjoyment from them. Perhaps you can do this too, should you be so inclined. I say, “Be my guest,” when it comes to using this book. May God bless you and those who hear you. It is a good place for people to reminisce about life.

My poems are written to music. I find that music calms my soul and helps me think. Most of all, it brings joy to my heart and provides lightness in my writing. I hope you find joy in reading the book and take away many thought-provoking ideas.


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