Blanket of Many Colors


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Romeo, a brilliant, sexy, Psychologist, Spiritual leader, and gifted singer, seeks to help all that comes into his path to mental peace and tranquility. He and his host of friends and family embark on a challenging but rewarding journey that sometimes ends in tragedy but always ends in triumph. Please join Romeo on his quest to help his clients, family, and friends find mental peace, joy, and the freedom to express unbridled love that leads to everlasting love through the greatest all-powerful source. Through his endeavors to help others, Romeo also receives the rewards of all his labors without truly seeking it for himself. He learned along his journey that self-sacrificing for the good of others also reaps benefits for himself, even if it was not his internal goal. What joy does he find along this journey? Readers, I invite you on this journey with Romeo to see how the richness of his giving of his gifts led to his reward of everlasting love, joy, and peace.

Hello Readers. Thank you for taking some time to get to know me as an author and a person. I have always had the vision to help others. That is why I went into the health care field load and started to write books. I have been blessed with a greater imagination to write books, put others at ease, and entertain. I hope you enjoy my book and the following books thereafter, so stay tuned… I wish that all of you stay positive, learn something new every day, and help others to smile. Special thanks to my husband, Donnell Walker, my two sons, Christopher and Cornelius Burns, and their wonderful families for always encouraging me to continue to share my gift with the world in literary form, healthcare, and love. I am looking forward to our Literary journey together filled with life-applicable principles, excitement, joy, and entertainment. I am sure you will find every book to be filled with enticement so much that you may not want to put the book down, leading to you reading it in one setting. I wish all of you well, full of Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness.



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