Blanket of Many Colors


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Romeo, a brilliant, sexy, Psychologist, Spiritual leader, and gifted singer, seeks to help all that comes into his path to mental peace and tranquility. He and his host of friends and family embark on a challenging but rewarding journey that sometimes ends in tragedy but always ends in triumph. Please join Romeo on his quest to help his clients, family, and friends find mental peace, joy, and the freedom to express unbridled love that leads to everlasting love through the greatest all-powerful source. Through his endeavors to help others, Romeo also receives the rewards of all his labors without truly seeking it for himself. He learned along his journey that self-sacrificing for the good of others also reaps benefits for himself, even if it was not his internal goal. What joy does he find along this journey? Readers, I invite you on this journey with Romeo to see how the richness of his giving of his gifts led to his reward of everlasting love, joy, and peace.


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