Judas Playing Field


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Psychiatrist Ellen Smith was one of the influential people responsible for convicting a vicious serial killer for life inside River Edge Mental Health Institution. Roger Taut is securely locked away. Women are safe to live their lives without fear. Only days after Ellen retired, she learns the horrifying truth. No woman is safe. Captain John Barlow asks her to join the homicide task force in order to apprehend their suspect before he has a chance to kill again. And he will!

Detectives Dan Kape and Jim Masker are no amateurs when it comes to catching killers, but this case has them baffled. Just when they thought things couldn’t get worse, news of Ellen’s disappearance sends shockwaves throughout the team of crime fighters.

As she is held hostage, the truth unravels when she looks into the soulless eyes of the person responsible for assisting this killing machine to freedom. Roger Taut is far from finished; Ellen is just the beginning of his horrific plan. 


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