Zephyr Spheres and the Lost Spell (Book 2)


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Zephyr loathes her life on Earth. She wonders when she will be able to go back to the magical world of Danus and to her kingdom Crystotopia, where she is an amateur sorceress and a princess. When Zephyr’s wish is fulfilled, she journeys to Danus with classmates: sarcastic Trinda Temple, energetic Brandon Longfellow, and witty Elizabeth Thompson. However, Zephyr finds that the Dark Forces have unleashed a deadly magic-sapping plague that has taken hold of Crystotopia. Including the fire wizard, Cor, the talking falcon, Scorn, and the healer, Little Herb, Zephyr sets out on a quest with her friends. Together, they seek to locate a forgotten spell capable of curing any illness, sickness, or disease before it is too late to come to Crystotopia’s aid.


Myles B. Hibbett was born on February 5,1983 and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an avid fan and reader of children’s fantasy. Also, Myles has been inspired to write by a love of fairytales, and he hopes to influence children to share the same love of fairytales and fantasy that he does. Myles was guided to create Zephyr Spheres by the need for girls to be motivated by female heroines-heroes, who encounter adventure, discover the power of love, and who ultimately triumph over evil. Zephyr Spheres and the Lost Spell, is the second of five books in the Zephyr Spheres series, and is the sequel to Zephyr Spheres and the Sword of Wonders. The next set of Zephyr’s endeavors will be, Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace, Zephyr Spheres and the Silver Unicorn, and Zephyr Spheres and the Crystal Labyrinth.


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