Avarice Deception: The Lost Queen


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Serena Gelsomino is about to attend her first courting, hopefully her only. She is shocked to discover she is being taken to a yellow ceremony. Does this mean her caretaker had not lied to her? Was she a true orphan, not an abandoned fiorriee? The moment she slips into her yellow dress, questions about her true identity take her on a whirlwind of discovery. Will her limited knowledge of her own identity wind up killing her? Will she be able to survive every trap her Prytore enemies have set? She is the Queen of the fiorriee, but will she be their savior?

Angelika Jasmine is the author of Avarice Deception: The Lost Queen, which won the “Recommended” Reward from The US Review of Books. Angelika currently resides in Central Texas. She has a passion for science fiction and fantasy, which allowed her to create a world full of adventure, danger, and love. She invites you to a universe where an advanced alien species accidentally discovers life on one of its moons. Come see how two completely different spices react to one another’s existence.


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