The Thirteen Relics of Doom: The Rise of Skreal


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An ancient prophecy tells of a time of great disaster and is tied to several artifacts. A great evil is born and threatens all life, and not even the gods can stand against it. War is destined to throw the once-peaceful world into utter chaos. The time of trials begins now, and the race to find the ancient relics that hold the balance of all things in the world. A group of strangers must come together to face this time of trouble, but before they stand a chance of facing what is to come, they must learn to work together. Old hatreds and regrets threaten to tear them apart. Only time will tell what is fated for this world and all the people who live in it.

Marquinhos Martins grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and has always had a love for the fantasy world. He is a man with many talents, but storytelling has always been his passion. He is a humble and kind person who loves to be creative in all aspects of his life. He loves spending time with family and friends. He is very passionate about his work and enjoys sharing his tales with everyone.


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