What Is Happening?


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The book deals with the unbelievable mess we are currently in economically. I have found a mathematical cycle in the Bible (book of Daniel) that ties in very closely with US history so far, as well as what is likely to happen in the next few decades. This is mathematical and is based on the number pi(3.1416) and is explained fully in segment 1, chapter 1. It is also allied with the New Testament book of Revelation. The US is desperate for oil and fresh water, and I believe the next US President (Hillary Clinton) wants, and she has said this in a major speech in November 2013, a much closer relationship between the three NAFTA countries in North America. This means Mexican labor and Canadian natural resources are coming into the United States. A merger between Canada and the United States is probably quite likely, in my view, sooner rather than later. Another Segment deals with alternative energy sources of varying descriptions, and the last segment deals with something key for the global economy going forward: the population problem. This is not what you think, and my argument revolves around the fact that we have too few people (i.e., global underpopulation!) to be able to do the critical jobs required as the twenty-first century unfolds. Finally, I wish to talk about pensions and why the math involved in calculating these spells a very uncertain future for the average American.



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