Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace


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Finally, Crystotopia is safe enough for Zephyr to return to Danus. Peace negotiations are taking place to end the fighting between the allied kingdoms and the evil alliance, the Dark Forces. But part of the negotiations involves an arranged marriage between Zephyr and a prince. Things go awry when Zephyr is given a strange necklace. And, to make matters worse, her personal guardian, the fire wizard, Cor, proclaims his love for her, though he is an ineligible suitor. When Zephyr is on her way to visit the kingdom of Sandus, she is ambushed, and she and her friends end up in the ice kingdom of Glacionus. There, Zephyr solves the startling mystery behind her necklace and unearths a hidden fact about Cor that could change the course of Danus’ history.

Myles B. Hibbett was born on February 5, 1983 and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an avid fan and reader of children’s fantasy. Also, Myles has been inspired to write by a love of fairytales, and he hopes to influence children to share the same love of fairytales and fantasy that he does. Myles was guided to create Zephyr Spheres by the need for girls to be motivated by female heroines—heroes, who encounter adventure, discover the power of love, and who ultimately triumph over evil. Zephyr Spheres and Astra’s Necklace is the third of five books in the Zephyr Spheres series after Zephyr Spheres and the Sword of Wonders and Zephyr Spheres and the Lost Spell. The next set of Zephyr’s endeavors will be Zephyr Spheres and the Silver Unicorn and Zephyr Spheres and the Crystal Labyrinth.


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