The Brainless Beauty


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The Ibos of eastern Nigeria woke up from the ashes of that wicked civil war, where their homeland was the battlefield. They dusted the debris of deliberate wreckage by the federal troops and rejuvenated those into a boisterous renaissance of great commerce (despite losing life savings in the banks via heinous federal policy refunding, only twenty pounds to individuals no matter what one had), education, and industrialization. Thereby, the mass exodus to the developed world of America and Europe provided greener pastures for their resilient spirits and ingenuity. Igwe Uboma is the epitome of this contemporary Iboman, who, by dint of hard work and visionary leadership, became an industrial giant having conglomerate companies and real estates.

Although Igwe had promising sons, his heart inclines to his beautiful and elegant daughter Ugomma. She epitomizes the tall dream of her affluent parents. Invariably, she portrays the world’s contemporary youths who are easily influenced negatively by the ever-worsening decadence and depreciating societal values and norms. The lack of strong character content in youths, carelessness, carefree attitudes, and excessive indulgence in immorality and ungodliness in all ramifications are the results of poor parenting and evil influences. Invariably, life is a school, and all that lives must have stories to tell, either bitter or sweet experiences. But then the lessons we individually learn and apply distinguish our character and behaviors that rates success or failure when juxtaposing our purposes with reality.



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