Warrior Life 3: The Judgement Day


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Not many gangsters make it to the top. Few last long, especially black mafia bosses historically. Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes each had less than 10 years before they were taken down by the system, but against all odds, 20 years have passed since G-Money became the world’s most powerful and wanted – and celebrated – fugitive.

With murals of his image on buildings next to Pac’s in ghettos around the world, G-Money has become a literal urban legend and the world’s best-selling rap star as he prepares to take his Warrior

Life revolution to the next level: quite literally, another planet that holds Earth’s same elements and atmosphere beyond the sun.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, longtime lawman McNair has hunted G-Money to its ends, taking his own career in blind pursuit of his greatest nemesis, setting up a battle of the Titans that can only end with one man still standing…


It all started when he picked up a copy of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. As he read the book, he realized that it was his calling to make a difference.

Drawing his inspiration from the life and music of Tupac Shakur, the author frequently quotes from the singer’s songs and lyrics.

He acknowledges that any change in his community must be driven by people like him.

Continue on this journey that you won’t soon forget!

Contact by Email: warriorlifebook@gmail.com


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