The Third Day (Book One)


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Lewin always thought of sex as something huge and life-changing. Having hidden his sexuality through most of his teenage years, going off to college meant that he was finally free to experiment as much as he wanted to. However, he didn’t anticipate that his first time with a guy would be a completely underwhelming experience. Lewin is convinced that he has wasted all the anticipation and excitement and instead channels all his energy into living his best freshman life.

However, when he meets his roommate Jonas’s gorgeous and brilliant boyfriend Quentin, he has second thoughts about his vow to avoid sex. As he spends more and more time with the two guys, Lewin can’t help but wish he could be more than friends without ruining the good thing they have going. But when it turns out that Jonas and Quentin are open to letting him in, can Lewin handle everything that’s about to come his way?



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