Straight Women Gay World


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As a woman, we all look for love sometimes at some point in our lives. We seek companionship in hopes of fulfilling the dream of having a happy home, life with children, and someone to share it with. In Straight Women Gay World these stories consist of three stories of women living their lives and then meeting someone they fell in love with only to find out the person they want to give their heart to is living two different lives. They seem like very nice people, but they have gone down a path a straight woman doesn’t understand, nor did she expect but she will not tolerate. They are asking for the normal dream but come into people that live their life questionably and they will not accept. They live their lives in a way that may cause them to have nightmares. Love conquers all in one story where a woman has to rethink the object of her affection and the package it comes in. Straight women have to ask the question are you gay or are you straight?

Peggy Whitaker was born in Jamaica New York and loves being and native of New York. Born with parents from the old south she had to learn a lot of her ways and beliefs through her strict parents and their teachings. During a time when family was very important and the belief that for every man there is a woman. My parents believed that when you reach an adult age and find someone special it should be marriage, home, and then children in that very order. I was growing up in the eighties when the liberation of the soul to follow your mind to do things outside of the box had come in. My family was everything to me so I followed their expectations of what they perceived my life should be. Never mind their marriage was not a happy one. I didn’t want to follow them. I eventually did marry and had children but I wasn’t happy with my marriage. When I got divorced, I saw the world of dating had changed. After having children and a divorce. I was a lot heavier and less confident but I did find love again and continue to look for that special one.


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