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Marisa Dimitrov is desperate to leave her impoverished home country of Bulgaria. When she receives a job offer from Canada, it appears her opportunity has arrived. She is soon shocked to discover, however, that she has been sold to a ruthless gang involved with human and drug trafficking. By miraculous chance, the enslaved Marisa is able to get word of her plight home to her father. Her father trades everything he has to reach Canada, where he employs the assistance of washed-up former Toronto drug squad officer, Dan Huberman. Together, they are able to discover Marisa’s location, but finding the young woman is only the beginning of their troubles. The gang takes swift and brutal retribution, sending Dan and Marisa on the run for their lives.

Their only hope is in gathering evidence to implicate the gang leader, a merciless Chechen warlord, and by doing so diminish the gang’s far-reaching power. Dan soon realizes this case isn’t just about Marisa; it’s also about the ghost of his daughter, who died because of his mistakes. By saving Marisa, he may find peace … but staying alive can be difficult when you don’t know who to trust, and the line between loyalty and betrayal is so blurred.


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