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What happens when you find out that fairy tales you were told when you were all tucked in bed when you were little were true? There is… such a thing as a wicked stepmother, magic, and fins!

He’s just about ready to get his college life together, his grandfather is a nutjob, and now he’s believing in the things that even have people dressing up for pageants…that’s right mermaids!

But maybe Joshua Hank is just becoming brainwashed by his grandfather, or maybe Loony does run on his grandfather’s side. Or maybe there is a beautiful girl with long teal hair waiting for his heart.

A. Laureano is a 31-year-old writer of her dark fiction novel, Sirena. Even with her battles with epilepsy, which she had since she was in her young teens, she continued to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Fiction Creative Writing at the College of New Rochelle. Her mother and brothers were always her pillars giving her strength whenever she needed it, and pushing her to chase her dreams. At the end of the day, Amanda doesn’t want to see herself as restricted- nevertheless, rather than a woman who is open to the imaginative worlds.


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