Night Creeps: An Adult Horror Story


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Night Creeps is the first of two books, followed by Night Creeps 2. Things go crazy in the small town of Parmissing Valley when aliens not only build a mutant army but create hybrids to assist them. When bodies start turning up, Sheriff Lamar Whittington and Deputy Johnny Watkins attempt to solve the mystery, and it becomes complicated when they realize they are dealing with aliens, mutants, AND hybrids. Lamar left a big city for the simple life in a small midwest town only to find himself fighting to save the human race.

Michael D’Ambrosio is the author of several sci-fi, fantasy, and horror series. He has participated in over a hundred sci-fi and literary conventions across the country. With worldwide experiences in the military and in the nuclear industry, he has seen and learned much to feed his creativity. In Space Frontiers, Michael’s next series, Billy’s son Will Saris takes on the enemy forces of the universe. Look for more on Michael’s novels and appearances at


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