My Fight with the Devil


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Mental madness, misery, guilt, physical neglect; it all came like a whirlwind as I crawled around in the darkness, searching for my sanity. I had barricaded myself in the cold bedroom of the condemned building. The demons danced on the surface of my mind, bringing with them the illusion of peace in a small rock that my body craved for.

It was hell dressed like heaven at the end of my glass pipe. It promised to rescue me from all that tormented me while reality slipped away at the strike of my lighter. It seemed that not even God could save me from the bottom in which I was headed. It was my turn to wrestle with the prince of darkness and his appointed legions of entities. My faith had been bottled up and sealed shut, leaving my soul stained in the pits of HELL!

Derrick Turner was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. He is the youngest of four children. He attended Hyde Park Career Academy and graduated in 1985, and then he continued his studies in Fine Arts and Creative Writing at Columbia College of Chicago.

After college, Derrick struggled with drug addiction for over 20 years; until 2009, when God freed him from self-destruction and set him on a path of recovery. He joined the Men’s Bible Program at The Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago.

In 2017, Derrick wrote and published his first book, titled Finding Peace, “escape from a self-made hell.” He went on to write and publish six more books, as his passion for becoming an author grew with each book.

Derrick has been clean and sober for 12 years. He continues to write and share his real-life stories with his readers. He hopes to touch the lives of those who fight the disease of addiction every day.


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