Looking for Love at 82


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The book chronicles and summarizes my trials and tribulations in the online dating experience. It describes the path on how to use the computer to locate, try to select and meet dates, companions and a soulmate, a future bride. I met my wife nearly 60 years ago through a friend of my mothers. Since then the dating process has changed radically, particularly for seniors. This book describes in detail the process of finding a romance and a new love using the computer to facilitate your search. I had to overcome two obstacles – age and a stroke. Many potential dates thought I was too old or wanted to walk in the woods, on the beach and go dancing which eliminated me on a walker from consideration. The book describes how to overcome dating obstacles, real and imagined, and learn how to look for love, especially as a senior. Find out how to get started looking for love, defining love, information needed to attract members of the opposite sex, ways to attain and succeed in your quest, knowing when you have succeeded and methods on how to stay in love. Read this book about love and how to find romance in today’s changing dating environment.

As a youth, the author was a shoeshine boy, newspaper boy and grocery store worker. He was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and served two years in the Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland at the Human Engineering Laboratory.

The author graduated in 1961 as a Mechanical Engineer at the Newark College of Engineering (now NJIT). Mr. Gall enjoyed English in high school and college. In theDepartment of Defense Mr. Gall had over 3200 class hours in a variety of subjects and graduated the Pilot Program of the Army Management Staff College.

Mr. Gall enjoyed a love of sales. As a dealer he attended hobby shows where he tested his humor on unsuspecting customers and wary dealers. Groans following his attempts at humor gratified the author encouraging him. So much by way of humor credentials.
Mr. Gall retired as a Section Chief Supervisor, for 28 years,supervising engineers and technicians testing Army non-ordnance equipment at APG, Maryland. His co-workers who used to laugh at him are now laughing with him; that’s progress.


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