Infinity Stops Here


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Before I wrote this book, I interviewed police officers, detectives, police chiefs, captains, and sergeants. Many of these fine groups of people told me that the atrocities in my book happen every day.

I was told that there are many people in law enforcement that are like the main character, David Stone. David Stone takes the law into his own hands and gets rid of the bad guys and only the bad guys. I have asked most of the law enforcement people if I could quote them directly and use their names.

Each and every one of them emphatically told me no! Some disclosed to me that there are people, good, honorable people, even today are getting rid of the bad guys.
Generally, the criminals that rape and torture their victims are the ones that never make it to court. At times during my interviews, I was surprised at what I was entrusted with.

Therefore, I did not know if I could place my book under nonfiction, based on true events, or fiction, describing imaginary events.
Needless to say, I dislike violent criminals, Blacks that hate Whites, Whites that hate Blacks, Mexicans who hate both Blacks and Whites, and Blacks that hate Mexicans.

Some say my book is too graphic. However, it is based on true events.

Dan Rodgers was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam for the Vietnam War. He was a squad leader and sergeant and was involved in the Tet Offensive. He was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts. He wrote his book “Call Me Sergeant Rock” as an exercise to relieve stress. He lives near Houston and is a writer and race car and jet boat driver.

Dan Rodgers, the author of the best-seller, “CALL ME SERGEANT ROCK,” also wrote this book you are about to read.



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