Why Guilt . . . . After Sex


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As you stand to judge this book by its title, I, Pierre Fenelon the author of this book, would like to change your mind about it. Frankly, hearing the sound of this poignant question of this title when reading it out loud may scare you, or it may push you away to believe that your own personal business is being questioned. It feels like you are obligated to answer that question because it seems that you are being judged. I am sure you don’t like that. The content of this book is not defined by its title, but rather it is a book that brings clarity concerning our behaviors when it comes to romantic relationships. It is the idea that we do not want to subscribe to the freedom there is in romantic relationships according to the path we must follow. We do not want to accept that we have been given the privilege, in spite of our effort to be in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex, and so, therefore, there must be responsibility as well as accountability for our actions within the relationship.

The book brings you to the understanding of having a solid foundation before you can build anything, even a romantic relationship with someone that you love of the opposite sex. This book is not a book of formulas to become an expert in the areas of love, relationships, marriage, and more, but rather it is a guide that can lead you in the right direction from a reliable source of a divine plan. We all need help in everything in life, especially in this area of life, because it is a team effort; nobody can make it alone. That’s what this book is all about!


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