Corporate Defiance: Nicole


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Nicole, an All-American girl who married and lost the love of her life in the Vietnam War, concentrates her efforts on her high-profile career, becoming the first woman to be CEO of Maywell Electronics, the number one computer company in the world. Nicole is looking forward to the challenges in fulfilling her lifelong dream as well as preparing a way for other women to follow. Her dream soon becomes a nightmare as she discovers some puzzling information about some powerful individuals and finds herself in the fight for her life; time is running out; it is a race against the clock, all while contending with the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death.

Sir Mark Anthony, America’s upcoming Southern fiction writer of business suspense, delivers a unique writing style that showcases his passion for writing. Mr. Ford developed this unique technique (straight narrative to a pseudo-film script format) to root his readers into his verbal matrix. This aspiring entrepreneur will be entertaining readers again and again in the new millennium. He divides his time between Tennessee and Texas.


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