9 lives & Still Running: A Man’s victory over brain cancer


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9 lives & Still Running is about A man’s will to survive by overcoming three craniotomies for brain cancer. The Author, Tony Perez, believes that much tenacity and his Faith in Yeshua-Al Messiah is the essence of his will to survive as he depicts his testimony through this book. Although having to go through three craniotomies for brain cancer, this is only the beginning of what evolved over the years in battling cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and full paralysis, not to mention; the overwhelming cost of medical treatment. However, if you know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Jehova- Shama, He is faithful and true to His seed.

As a Messianic Jew in Christ, Tony Perez has been in missionary service for over 20 years, with extensive missions experience that includes pioneering new church plants, hosting city-wide evangelistic rallies, establishing discipleship programs, and starting Bible Schools. Over the years, Pastor Tony’s ministry has ministered in the United States, as well as in Mexico, Holland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Honduras, and Israel. His strong and uncompromising pulpit ministry brings a fresh revelation of G-D’s love, anointing, and Redemptive Word. He and his wife, Dr. Carol, and son Dominick live in Mission, Texas, down South in the Rio Grande Valley sector. If you would like to contact Pastor Tony for speaking engagements, he may be reached via email: mcallenhealingrooms@gmail.com or via cell 361-228-2064.


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