Letters to Priests


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His holiness Pope Benedict XVI established a special year for priests in 2009. The hope was to “encourage priests as they strive for spiritual perfection because, of course, on this the effectiveness of their ministry depends.”1

Ten years later, on the 160th anniversary of John Vianney, patron saint of priests, his holiness Pope Francis addressed a letter to priests saying in part; “I write to all my brother priests who have quietly “left all behind” in order to immerse yourselves like the Cure of Ars “in the trenches”, bearing the burden of the day, confronting an endless variety of situations in your effort to care for and accompany God’s people. Despite the hardships of the journey, you are writing the finest pages of the priestly life.”2

Joanne McKenna has written Letters to Priests in honor of those who daily offer their lives in service to the Lord. It is a book of inspiration, hope and encouragement for those who face the damage of a disheartened people to bring reconciliation. The intent is to remind priests, pastors, saints and sinners of God’s love for you and his promise of peace in the deepest recesses of your heart.


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