The Infinity Bible: Family Book of Life


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The Infinity Bible, as amazing as it sounds; it’s designed to help, inspire and motivate Christian believers to connect with God and help mankind to improve their relationship with God through pictures and stories. The Infinity Bible adds more enjoyment to life, remembering the goodness of life so that people can have time to be in the Bible just like their own sons and daughters. Therefore, The Infinity Bible is like a journal and photo album. More like a modern-day time machine linking everyone to their past and future. Glorifying God daily in every way.

R. B. is from Charleston South Carolina. His idea was to motivate writers to share the gift of writing. Moreover, to look out for devotees and faith seekers in the new world, that Covid-19 has formed. R.B.’s motivation is his incredible faith in God, love for life, and family values.


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