What God Said to DEW


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Many people have a difficult time accepting new ideas and philosophies, even though they truly want to be open-minded. In my observations of human nature, individuals tend to develop intellectually to whatever degree circumstance and desire provide, then many of us circle our faculties around the understandings we have gained just to get through our everyday lives.

To receive these words in earnest, each must let down the barriers that have been created in mind by ego, misinterpretation, and the physical stimulation of our material world. Feel these words and weigh the truth of each and every one of them while recognizing that there is still room in every person’s life for enlightenment.

We have reached the period of our species’ existence where each member, each and every individual, needs to recognize reality and face the responsibilities we as individuals have to truth. There are definitive choices to be made about the direction of our individual and collective actions. All life was created as a part of a system I consider divine. Humanity has numerous labels that are applied to the task of identifying this system. Labels like RELIGION, SPIRITUALITY, and NATURE. Have an open mind so that you can perceive the truth beyond the barrier of these labels.


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