Who Would Have Dreamed: A Novel of Miracles


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After the death of his wife, Daniel leaves Boston and its painful memories to open an art supply store in a small New England town. Daniel invites five women to join his painting class who are diverse in every way except for, perhaps, the camouflage with which they try to cover their own tender scars. The sixth woman who joined did not receive or need an invitation.


On their journey to learn to paint, these women discover the brightness under their own faded colors. Well, all except Doris, of course. Doris is not on a journey to face her demons or change herself. Doris’s ongoing quest is to change her husband.


The youngest participant is Twilight, a strange gothic teen who paints dark and disturbing images of her grandmother’s house and her uncle, who died at age five. All the women work and talk around this spooky child until the miracle happens that changes everything.


Sharon started her spiritual journey later in life, but she has had a love of writing all of her life. Her faith and love of writing have melded in this, her first Christian-based book. This book started like many of her others, but after a personal miracle, she was surprised at how the conclusion poured out onto the pages. Sharon grew up in rural Vermont but has happily spent most of her adult life in Florida. To escape the confines of a career in the contractual atmo­sphere of insurance claims and underwriting, she has been grateful for the gift of creative writing.


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